This world wide Martial Arts tournament that is usually held in Reno, NV. Because of the pandemic, this year's event switched to a virtual event in which competitors competed from their karate school, their living room, or even their backyard. In order to earn a spot at this tournament, a student had to earn points by winning 1st, 2nd or 3rd place medals at several regional events for the 2020 season.
Miss Mahan competed in several events that showcased her diversity in Sports Martial Arts which included performances in Traditional and Creative events. Miss Mahan brought home the following:
World Championship in Musical Extreme Open Hand Performance
World Championship in Creative Open Hand Performance
World Championships in Bladed Creative Weapons Performance
Royal Crown Championship in Creative Open Hand Performance
Royal Crown Championship in Creative Weapons Performance
Silver Medal in Musical Extreme Weapons
Finalist Award in Traditional Weapons Performance
Finalist Award in Traditional Forms Performance
Runner-Up in Overall 17 and under Black Belt Grand Champion Performance
Miss Mahan is a member of the KickStart Kids program at Navasota Junior High, a member of the Martial Arts America-Navasota Competition Team, and a member of the T-Force Elite National Karate Team.